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Marc Hordon from "A Postureful Performance," BSI Seminar at MC
BIF's Seminars, on location, are highly informational, providing advanced knowledge to enhance or rebuild your program with health and success. Although BIF Seminars are designed for coaches & sports administration, parents, and athletes are always encouraged to attend. 
The seminars have information for parents and athlete that will protect the health and maximize performance of any athlete.

 BIF/Athletic Lifestyle Management Seminar Topics
The Building Blocks: Crafting a Functional Football Off-Season Program
Creating Toughness: Posture, Movement Flexibility, & Injury Prevention
Start Right: Functional Dynamic Warm ups & Injury Prevention
Practice What You Preach: Functional `Practice Philosophy
You Perform How You Eat: Athletic Nutrition Management for Football
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Skill Development & Musculosystematic Sport Performance Clinics
BIF's on location, fully participatory clinics provide the opportunity to pick and choose development based on each programs unique needs. Highly refined sports performance techniques, drills, and exercises will sharpen your athletes' abilities overnight and help sustain their health and success.
Boston Institute of Football offers two forms of participatory clinics: Skill Development Clinics, teaching skill sets required by the sport of football, and Sport Performance Clinics, teaching Football-Specific architectural design of the human body. 
BIF Skill Development Clinic Topics
A Conduit of Energy: The Fundamentals of Effective Quarterbacking
Hips, Hands, & Feet: The Fundamentals of Effective Offensive Line Play
Ownership & Reactive Escape: The Fundamentals of Effective Defensive Line Play
Agile Flight: The Fundamentals of Effective Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Play.
Carrying the Load: The Fundamentals of Effective Running Back Play
Flying Bricks: The Fundamentals of Effective Inside Linebacker Play
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BIF Musculosystematic Sport Performance Clinics
Creating Toughness: Posture, Movement, Flexibility, and Injury Prevention
Start Right: Functional Dynamic Warm ups and Injury Prevention
Movement Not Musculature: The Place & Technique of Resistance (Weight) Training Off-season Development

Goal to Program Interview
The Boston Sport Institutes customizable Seminars, Clinics, Consulting Services, and Player Development intimately address the unique needs of each organization. The Goal-to-Program Interview is designed to expose the issues and concerns that are most urgent to the progression of the client, whether individual or organization.

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