The Boston Institute of Football - Where Excellence is a Lifestyle
The Boston Sports Institutes and HordoN HEALTH have teamed together to provide our services no matter the economic background. The University of HordoN HEALTH Scholarships provide all athletes who are truly dedicated to their academic and athletic future with scholarship based on a series of criteria. The specific scholarships are listed below.
MGH Community Service Award
The MGH Community Scholarship Award is offered to an elite student-athlete in pursuit of greatness in both sport and community wealth. Hordon Health encourages all of its enrolled athletes to partake in community service as well as excel in the classroom in order to create a sense of inner wholeness. The MGHSC Scholarship Award is determined by a combination of criterion, namely financial need, the athlete's commitment to excellence in community, in the classroom, and commitment to family.
HordoN HEALTH Internship Award
HordoN Health offers exclusive Internships each session with a focus in either Sport Performance Coaching or Small Business Marketing. Recipients will be lead in groups through marketing meetings, creating and conducting campaigns, all the while learning the skills to excel in the work place. This Award is only available to students and/or athletes currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary educational institution (H.S. or College).
HordoN HEALTH Tutorship Award
Hordon Health provides the academically advanced student-athletes with the opportunity to use their intellect to propel their sport career. This award is given to an athlete with all A's and B's, who will become a junior tutor for younger athletes in the BSI program, in exchange for partial or full scholarship to the Institute Session of choice. This Award is only available to students and/or athletes currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary educational institution (H.S. or College).
BSI Student-Athlete College Counseling
The Boston Sports Institutes Private Student-Athlete College Counseling Program is for those student-athletes not receiving the unique support they need in transitioning from High School to College. Student-Athletes have a much larger responsibility of matching both an academic institution and an athletic program to their needs. The Boston Sports Institutes will evaluate the collegiate prospect personally, athletically, and academically in efforts to match the prospect to the collegiate experience that they most desire. Most secondary school college counseling services, even the most elite, do not have experience or education in the student-athlete recruitment process to foster a comfortable and smooth transition into being a student athlete. The Boston Sports Institutes fills that need by putting together recruitment packets and working with the families of each student-athlete retaining the Primate Student-Athlete College Counseling Program.