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Finally, the Northeast has Football Year-Round! BIF develops  highly tuned skills and athletic abilities for position-specific, football athletes of all ages, positions and abilities.  BIF offers an elite comprehensive instruction that enables the football athlete to hone his skills throughout the entire calendar year, employing HordoN HEALTH's own Musculosystematic Engineering.

Group & Individual Sports Performance programs are available for ON LINE PURCHASE.

Group Musculosystematic Sport Performance
BIF Group Sports Performance  Sessions run in eight-week sessions throughout the year. Each session  addresses a specific purpose. When put together, they ENSURE a healthy and explosive season.


 Summer Session: Preparing For Battle
July - August Session is dedicated to postural stability in a football environment, creating a basic understanding of functional movement, and understanding the basics of explosive drive and power generation. Learn what really makes a football athlete excel. 
Fall Session: Outlast Your Opponent
October - November Session is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your body throughout a punishing season. We work to keep YOU healthy for 11 weeks....13 if it's a GREAT season!

Winter Session: Regroup, Recover, Rebuild
January - February Session is dedicated to repairing movement issues resulting from the punishment of a football season and creating a powerfully explosive foundation for positionally specific needs. We teach your body to execute the needs of its position. 
Spring Session: Expand Your Body
8 week April-May Session is dedicated to understanding functional flexibility, chain communication, movement, and speed. Learn the ultimate weapons of bend, rise, and feet.

Private Musculosystematic Sport Performance & Skill Development
BIF offers customized player development through our GOAL TO PROGRAM interview process. The Goal-to-Program Interview is designed to expose the issues and concerns that are most urgent to the development of the individual athlete. This interview will then help to determine what combination of MUSCULOSYSTEMATIC SPORTS PERFORMANCE, SKILL DEVELOPMENT, and ATHLETIC LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT will ensure health and success.
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